May 6, 2012

A letter to Dr.Gro Harlem Brundtland From an EHS Who Gets Injured By Her Cell Phone Use

The previous head of the World Health Organization, and the previous Prime Minister of Norway, a Physician in her profession, declared in 2004 that she suffers from EHS. I was always astound that although she is undoubtedly aware of the impossible and inhumane situation of people with EHS, and although she is the only EHS known to us who is in a position to help, it seems that she chose not to take action. However, last week she was in a conference in Waterloo Canada, and used a cell phone in the middle of her speech. It is one thing not to help it is quite another to actually harm. I wrote her a letter, one which was long due. 

A letter to Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland From an EHS Who Gets Injured By Her Cell Phone Use

I read Prof. Havas’s account of your presentation in Waterloo. I was astounded to discover that you, of all people, are using a cell phone, even after declaring that you suffer from EHS. Prof. Havas article ends in a quotation by Gandhi, however, considering your cell phone use, another Gandhi quotation came to mind, one which apparently you don’t exercise, “Be The Change You Want To See In The World”.

Recently, Mike Repacholi idiotically claimed that your declaration regarding your adverse health effects from cell phones caused millions to imagine migraines. I did not start to ‘imagine’ my EHS headaches and other life threatening symptoms because of your statement. When I got EHS I was unaware of your situation. But when I did hear about it, I could not understand how it could be that you would take no action to help people like me, or actually like us, although people begged you to do so.

But not only you are not helping us, you are actually harming us. Despite being one of the only people with EHS who is in a position to help, you of all people, stood in Waterloo and legitimized cell phone use by using it yourself in the middle of your speech. And worse, your use of cell phone wherever you go causes pain and harm to people like us. Your actions prevent people like us from being able to go anywhere. Your cell phone use requires antennas everywhere and as a result people like us cannot live, work, or move about. We can’t even go to a doctor or a hospital. We can’t even go to court to demand basic human rights, including the right to life and health that are continuously being assaulted. Because of your cell phone use, and because of your silence and inaction, millions are losing their lives, I am one of them!

Let me tell you what a blackberry specifically like the one you carry, does to me from 10 meters away. It causes me heart palpitations, my eyes close down and the area in my brain near the forehead feels as if someone is crushing it. You explained in reply to Prof. Havas’s question, that you put your cell phone away from your brain and use a speaker to suggest that this is ‘smart use’. There is no such thing since your cell phone harms other parts of the body as well and worse, it harms everyone around you especially those with EHS, just like second hand smoke. Your response was ridiculous and ignorant. The only conclusion I can arrive at from your response and actions is that cognitive dissonance seems to be a strong force in your work.

I am sure you are trying to do important work as part of the ‘Elders’, but frankly, I cannot see any greater humanitarian crisis that needs attending, as helping the largest group of refugees in the world, the people with EHS, especially since they have nowhere to go. I do not know of any other current humanitarian crisis that affects between 3-8% of the world. I do not know of any other group that everyone is so determined to ignore its existence including governments, the media and even ‘humanitarian’ organizations like the WHO… This criminal and intentional disregard is causing EHS sufferers to be tortured physically and mentally every minute of every day. What cruel hand is at work, falsely claiming these people are ‘crazy’? It is all because the existence of EHS is inconvenient to the rest of the world.

If the “Elders’ of this world are acting the way you do, then that explains why this world is in such a state. I may be rude, but I am never polite when it comes to people being oblivious to other people’s suffering, especially those who are in a position to help, but don’t. I did learn the lesson of what happened to my family in the holocaust because of inaction and obliviousness. While I was always quite direct, since I got this condition I am even more frank about my thoughts; I guess that complicated health problems and so much evil disregard around you, can make you bluntly honest. I know that many people share my thoughts, but would not dare saying these things especially in such bluntness considering your power and influence. But I, Dr. Brundtland, always preferred to be right rather than smart and I have nothing to lose, because of EHS I already lost everything there is to lose.
I will quote another elder, Einstein, whom I always found extremely perceptive regarding human nature. He said: “The world is a dangerous place not because of those who do harm, but because of those who look at it without doing anything”. Because you are using a cell phone even though you know the harm it causes to millions, and you do nothing to help those millions of refugees with EHS, you are guilty of both doing harm and doing nothing to help.

True ‘Elders’ would have made sure that people with EHS would first have a place to live without radiation before using their cell phones and harming them further. True elders would have told you that first and foremost, you need to ‘Lead by Example’ which you obviously don’t! At least you should follow ‘Don't do to others what you don't want others do to you, but even this most basic ancient principle, you do not keep!

 Dafna Tachover


  1. Yes, thank you Dafna, for your strong voice of reason in a world filled with those who choose to live in denial.

  2. Thank you Lisa. As Mark Twain said - It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled..

  3. I think she could do more for EHS and by that achieve here goal