Aug 26, 2012


This morning we have submitted a Petition to the Israeli Supreme Court requesting the SC to issue an injunction against the Ministry of Education and to order it to ban WIFI in Schools in Israel. UPDATE from 8-27-12

The Plaintiffs are Dafna Tachover, Esq., The National Parents Leadership headed by Ms. Eti Binyamin, and The Organization for Sane Cellular Technology. The Attorney for the Plaintiffs is Michael Bach.

Our previous efforts already led to 2 major changes in the policy of the Ministry of Education:

(1)    The Ministry changed its policy from ‘recommendation to prefer wired internet’ to a policy that ban WIFI unless in rare cases where installing wired internet is impossible.

(2)    The inter-ministerial committee on the topic, acknowledged EHS.

However, despite the change in the ‘declared’ policy, in essence the Ministry encouraged schools to install WIFI and was party to the funding of wireless technologies for the schools.

Letter of Deputy Health Minister (Acting Minister) to Ban WIFI in Schools:  of few days ago, the Acting Minister of Health, Rabbi Ya'akov Litzman,  sent a letter to the Minister of Education, Gidon Sa'ar, imploring him to halt the operation of WIFI, supporting our action and expressing his concern that one day we will be deeply sorry for the damage we have caused our future generations with our own hands. Translation of the letter:

I received the copy of a letter sent by attorney Michael Bach, in which he specify the possible health risks associated with the deployment of wireless internet in schools.

I deeply sympathize with attorney Michael Bach’s letter. I had dealt with this subject in the past, and although I am not a professional, I  do fear that there will come a day that we will all shade tears regarding the irreversible damage that we, in our own hands cause the future generation.

The process of deployment of wireless internet has to be paused and should reconsider comprehensively.

Because we already caused the declared policy in essence to ban WIFI we actually weakened our chances to get an order that bans WIFI from the Court as allegedly the Ministry’s policy is reasonable. Nevertheless we are hopeful.
We want to thank David Morrison from WirelessWatch and Attorney Shawn Abrell for the amazing work they have done with their case in Oregon. The material they have prepared was a huge help to our efforts and we have used Prof. David Carpenter’s Declaration in our petition. THANK YOU!

Update 8-27: As part of the Petition we requested ex-parte temporary injunction, to stop WIFI from day one of school (today) until the Court will decide whether or not to issue a permanent ban. Unfortunately, last night we have received the Court decision which denied our request for the temporary injunction, however, the Court indicated its intention to expedite the process in the case by giving the Government only 7 days to respond, i.e., until Sept. 1.


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  2. Public Health Alert: Dangers of Wi-Fi
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  3. I have been following your case with great interest from Canada. I am hoping that you will make the decision of the Court public at the international level when it becomes available along with all the documentation the Court heard. Best wishes !

    1. Of course we will make the decision known :-) And yes, we will also publish the documents we used for evidence, and you are right, at this point for strategic considerations I preferred not to make all the documents public until the final decision in the case. Thank you :-)