Jul 19, 2012

First Written Acknowledgment of EHS by the Israeli Government

Small/Big News: The Israeli Intergovernmental Committee on WIFI in Schools released its final report about a week ago. Unfortunately the Committee did not change its final recommendation and only stated a preference for wired Internet rather than wireless. However, due to our efforts the report does acknowledge EHS, as follows: “In the event a child is electro-sensitive we would handle such a case on an individual basis.” This is the first time an official document in Israel has made any reference to EHS and its correlation to electromagnetic radiation, which is a great achievement.

Although the report is primarily a sham and was actually written to facilitate installation of WIFI in schools by failing to ban it, we still believe our efforts were successful. Now that the government has acknowledged EHS in this report, we have better grounds to claim that installation of WIFI in schools is a violation of the duty of care.
This is especially true since it is clear the government does not have a plan for dealing with EHS, and the presence of WIFI in schools may actually be causing those children to become electro-sensitive.

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