Nov 19, 2013

WI-FI Case Update - Israeli Gov Did Not Follow The Suprene Court Order Regarding EHS

This morning the Israeli Gov submitted its response to the Supreme Court Decision which ordered the Gov to provide the court with Specific Data:

(1) The Gov provided data which indicated that wired internet exist only in 18% of the schools despite the alleged contention by the Gov, that its policy is to encourage wired networks. This data proved our contention that the Gov in practice supports Wi-Fi (as the Gov that the Gov installed Wi-Fi in 1/3 of the schools in Israel) and its policy as it declared to the Court is a SHAM!

(2) The Gov did not follow the Court's order to check how many children are EHS and instead, submitted affidavit by Prof. Sadetzky (translation following) that there is no proof that EHS is caused by EMF and that it adopts the WHO position on the matter. The Gov's actions are not a surprise. While the Gov so far indirectly admitted EHS, following the court's order to check how many children suffer EHS would have exposed it to massive damages lawsuits.

Some good news - The main online news website put an article about this in the morning. Until now they ignored the case and any research showing harmful effects of radiation. The wrote a critical article and put it as their headline...We have to appreciate every small progress :-)

I have 15 days to submit my response.

Following is the translation of Sadetzky's Letter:

"2. The phenomena of EHS is known and manifested in various non-specific symptoms including dermatological and general (like fatigue, concentration difficulties, nausea, accelerated pulse and digestive issues). The phenomena is similar to other sensitivity phenomenon, such as MCS, which is correlated to exposure to low levels of chemicals. This phenomenon is also manifested in wide variety of non-specific symptoms without any toxicology or physiological verification. These phenomenon belong to a wider area called EI (Idiopathic Environmental Intolerance) which describes sensitivity to environmental factors.

3. “The prevalence of the phenomena is unclear and significant differences in the prevalence of people who are suffering from the condition observed between various geographical areas, both in the rate and in the symptoms reported (higher prevalence in Sweden, Germany, and Denmark compared with Britain, Austria and France). To the best of my knowledge no data on the topic exist in Israel, not in adults nor in children”

4. A number of researches were conducted on the phenomena (of EHS) in order to check the development of symptoms in controlled lab conditions. Most of the research showed that the EHS patients were unable to detect the exposure to the EMF more accurately than the control group of people who did not report such sensitivity. Most of the researches did not indicate correlation between the exposure and the development of the symptoms."

5. The position of the World Health Organization is that while the symptoms reported are real and varied in terms of what type of symptoms manifest and they intensity (to the extent that some people with EHS are unable to function). The phenomena does not have diagnostic criteria and no scientific basis was found that the symptoms are caused as a result to exposure to EMF. EHS is not considered a medical diagnosis, and it is not clear that the phenomena represents a single medical problem. Acordingly, the recommendation to doctors is to treat the symptoms (including psychological and psychiatric evaluation) and to evaluate the home and work environment for potential toxics including air pollution, noise, light (reducing flickering lights) factors. In addition, a reduction of stress is recommended".

The Israeli Health Ministry adopts the position of the WHO on this issue. "

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  1. Governments all over the world are bending to industry. They are also making money from this technology and don't want the cash cow to stop--even if it means that people will be harmed. Even if you don't feel the effects of radio frequency radiation immediately--you are still being affected. The incidence of Electromagnetic Intolerance is growing all across the globe. Those people are being dismissed, demeaned and stigmatized. Perfect way to keep those people in their place and keep this issue from getting the attention that it deserves. If you have children--you better start doing your homework on this issue. More than ample evidence exists of the harm this is causing and will cause in later years. People who smoke don't die of cancer in 5 years generally. People exposed to EMR will follow the same pattern. Some will get sick immediately--but many, many others will develop illness later in life. Children who are chronically exposed now may develop their illness in 20 or 30 years. While that may not make you sit up and take notice--imagine your child being 35 or 40 years old with cancers, neurological illness, reproductive issues.... It is not that far away and when the medical problems start--who will pay to care for your child? Who will compensate your child for their ill health? Who will be able to give you child back all that they will miss when they become ill or die from this? Will the governmet save them? WIll the telecom industry save them? Will your regret and guilt save them? None of those things will do any good--you must be proactive right now. Learn about the dangers of this technology (from nonindustry sources) and then do what you can to protect your child. Protecting them now will do far more good than trying to treat them later. Moms protect your children! Thank you Dafna for all you do to try to protect the children of the world from this and to bring awareness of this issue to people. It is people like you who will make all the difference on this topic. Keep up the excellent work!