May 20, 2014

Radio Interview in English with Dafna About the Israeli Supreme Court Decision in the Wi-Fi Case


I planned to write a post which explains the Israeli Supreme Court Decision from April 23rd, 2014, in which, the Israeli Supreme Court issued a 'Conditional Injunction' against the Israeli government in our case to ban Wi-Fi in schools. However, I have been too busy and I hope to be able to write a post by the end of the month, to which I'll also attach the actual decision and the minutes of the hearing. 
In the meanwhile, on May 16th, I was interviewed by Andrew Geller from KBOO radio about the case and in it, I explained the Court's decision. Before me on the program was interviewed Prof. Martin Blank about his new book "Overpowered".
Press here to hear only my interview.

Press here to the full program including Prof. Blank's interview on KBOO radio.
Essentially, the injunction means that we 'won' the first stage as when these type of cases are submitted the petition is for a 'conditional injunction' which is what we now got. Now we move to the second stage in which the Court will decide whether to make the conditional injunction into a permanent injunction. We hope a final decision in the case is only a few months away. However winning this first stage essentially means that the Court was convinced by our claims.

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