Oct 14, 2014

Israel Wi-Fi Case Update 14/10/14 - Motions For an Intermediary Injunction Rejected by the Court

Today, Oct 14, 2014, the Israeli Supreme Court rejected our motions for an Intermediary Injunction until a final decision in the case. The motions were submitted in August following the Government's response to the Conditional Injunction that was issued against it in April 2014.

The Court did not give any reasoning except quoting the 'balance of convenience' which is a legal term that applies means a test by the courts to each party's circumstances to establish who will be more inconvenient.

It is important to know that the 3 other motions for an intermediary injunction we submitted throughout the duration of the case where also rejected even when we got the Conditional Injunction in April 2014.

This is disappointing, but now we will focus on the next hearing in which the Court will decide whether the Conditional Injunction we received in April will become a Permanent Injunction.

The likely last hearing in the case is scheduled for February 11, 2015.

I decided to attend the hearing despite the difficulties in getting to Israel and staying there because of my electro-sensitivity. This case is too important. Hoping (and acting :-)) for the best.  

On a personal note – I've been working on this case for over 2.5 years and put into it many thousands of hours of work which ended in costing me many tens of thousands of dollars and exhausted my financial resources. I would like to be able to continue my work on this case and others. So if you think that this case may be helpful to your cause, please donate. Any donation would be appreciated.