Feb 27, 2015

Israel's Channel 1 TV: Wi-Fi in Schools. the Electrosensitive Children and the Case to Ban Wi-Fi in Schools

Today, the main Israeli TV channel - Channel 1, broadcasted a 10 minutes item on Wi-Fi in Schools, The children who developed Electro-Sensitivity from the radiation in schools, and the Supreme Court Case to ban wi-fi in schools. AN EXCELLENT ITEM.

Many parents, sick children and activists were interviewed, including No Rad, Yael Levin and myself.
Link: Press HERE to watch the program.
From the Government, Dr. Rimon from the Ministry of Education and Prof. Siegal Sadetzki were interviewed. Sadetzki said that there is no data in Israel on Electro-Sensitivity as a justification to her inaction but she forgot to mention that it is her job to make inquiries and have the data, and not only she does not do it, she on purpose preventing an inquiry.
The item was broadcasted on the Friday main News program, hosted by the esteemed journalist, Ayala Hasson who won the Journalism prize this year. It is one of the highest rated shows in Israel's TV, as it is the weekend show and Israelis are news addicts. We thank the TV crew, especially to Ifat Glick for their excellent work which hopefully would help us expose this intentional misrepresentation by the Government and the unimaginable disregard to the health of the children. I asked the producers to allow us to put English subtitles.
The program is in Hebrew and we asked the producers to put English subtitles. We hope to get a permission.

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