Feb 4, 2014

Wi-Fi Case - Intermediary Court Decision - 2.3.14

Intermediary Court Decision - February 3rd 2014 Update

Following my submission from 1.27.14 and the other attorney submission on 12.19.13 , on February 3rd the Israeli Supreme Court made the following decision:

  1. The Court scheduled oral arguments for April 23rd. This is the 3rd time we have oral arguments.
  2. The Court rejected our 3rd request for intermediary injunction, however, it wrote that this request could be raised again in front of the judges in the oral arguments. Just to clarify, the Court did not reject our request for a permanent injunction, which is the essence of the case and this is why the case is still continuing.
  3. It ordered the Gov. to resubmit another update 20 days before the hearing regarding the data it requested in July, ie, - in how many schools there is wired internet and how many children suffer from EHS.

Clearly we are disappointed that despite the proof of 13 children who suffer from EHS and the proof we brought of the outrageous inaction by the schools and the Ministry of Education to deal with the issue, the Court did decide not to intervene. However, as the Court wrote, this will be discussed in the oral arguments.

It is my opinion that the Court understands the magnitude of a decision in this case whatever that decision would be and needs more time.

We will continue with the pressure on the media, the Gov, continue to collect evidence of harms and prepare for the hearing.

Unfortunately I would not be able to take part in the hearing as because of my EHS I cannot go to Israel. This is frustrating as I believe no one can present this case in an Israeli court better than I…but we will think how to overcome this obstacle. If anyone knows someone with a jet…that would be helpful..ha ha J

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