May 6, 2012

Is the Karolinska Guilty of a Witch Hunt Against Prof. Olle Johansson Because He Fights for the Rights of the EHS?

Unfortunately, many scientists who have been discovering adverse health effects of Electromagnetic Radiation, especially those who are investigating EHS, are experiencing 'Witch Hunt'. Prof. Olle Johansson has been one of the very few scientists who are advocating for the rights of people with EHS for decades. It seems that as a result, he has been having difficulties with the Karolinska Institute where he is employed. It is the same institution that chooses the Nobel Prize winners in science. It seems that it betrays the spirit of science and humanity which it is entrusted with. This letter has been written by me to the Karolinska Institute in support of Prof. Johansson.

The Letter:

Dear Prof. Wallberg-Henriksson, President, The Karolinska Institute

History is full of periods in which the political agenda intervened with science. Some of these periods are known to be the worst and darkest in human history. Unfortunately, it seems that we are currently living in such a period but it is not even the political agenda that seems to intervene with science, but rather, greed, and it may result in the biggest epidemic known to humanity.

On July 19th, 2009, my life got destroyed. Although I am a very optimistic person there is no other way to look at it. A year ago, I was 36, I was happy, I was about to start my consumer protection law firm and have a baby. In that unfortunate day I lost my life, I became Electro Hyper Sensitive (‘EHS’),when the new Apple computer I was so excited to get, was defective. My condition deteriorated very quickly and now, I am considered to be extremely EHS. I suffer from any electric source, including electric fields, EMF and RF. I cannot work, cannot have a baby, I cannot go anywhere and I sleep in my car.

The past year was a process of learning. From a lawyer I had to become an expert on electricity. I learned that despite the huge amount of sick people (248,000 in Sweden only), oddly, most doctors are ignorant about this condition. I learned that many scientists are doing all they can to prove that millions around the world, who suffer from the same symptoms, are crazy rather than listen, learn and reevaluate their theories and assumptions. I learned that being sick in a condition that is against the interests of the strongest and richest industries and of governments is a bad condition to suffer from.

I also learned that the only country that took some action to help and protect people with EHS is Sweden. And I was hopeful. Sweden was always known to be a savvy protector of human rights and as the Noble Prize grantor, also a leading force in the advancement of science and medicine. When I learned that it is The Karolinska Institute (‘KI’), the establishment that is entrusted with the important mission of allocating the Noble Prize, is the ‘home’ of Prof. Johansson’s and his important work on EHS, I was not surprised.

I was surprised, though, to learn last week that, Prof. Johansson was asked to vacate his lab, which in practicality makes it impossible for him to continue his important research. Prof. Johansson is a prominent scientist, internationally reputed and highly productive. He belongs to a small group of courageous scientists who are researching EHS and the effects of EMF on the human body. Unfortunately these scientists are encountering difficulties and persecution.

In this context, unfortunately, KI actions to evict Prof. Johansson from his lab are raising questions. I do not know what are the reasons behind KI’s action against Prof. Johansson, but I do hope and want to believe, that it is not a result of academic persecution or the intervention of industry with scientific and academic independence. I want to believe that the institution entrusted with choosing Noble Prize winners is an institution that vigorously protects academic freedom, academic independence, and the advancement of science. I want to believe that the KI’s decision is not part of the sad ‘witch hunt’.

Those who are entrusted with the advancement of science have the responsibility to ensure that ‘unpopular’theories would be researched even if they are against the interests of the political and industry/money agenda, and even if some scientists find them to be outrageous because they prefer to adhere to theories rather than human evidence. Most significant scientific advancement can be attributed to those scientists who dared to question the conventional thought, like Prof. Johansson, rather than to those who adhered to the ‘existing knowledge’ and followed the herd.

In recent years, so many industries had rightfully lost the trust of the people. Unfortunately, academic institutions are not careful and some academic scientists are growingly involved in questionable industry-funded research.

Millions of people around the world are already very sick, the numbers are growing frighteningly fast and science is lagging far behind. There is no knowledge as to the physiology of this condition and treatment is non-existent. Millions of people are becoming refugees, having to leave their families, houses, careers and dreams in desperate search for a place they can sleep with no pain and live in dignity. This is an unprecedented humanitarian crisis, but no one seems to take proper action.

Governments are trying to ignore EHS for as long as they can. They are taking advantage of our lack of voice and of the industry’s successful strategy in using contaminated research to present people with EHS as crazy and as people who have pains because they cannot handle stress. The industry is using its money and influence to hide this condition from the public. Any attempts of media producers in the US, to have programs on the topic, or to write articles, are blocked by the networks, as a result of threats, by the industry, to withhold advertisement money.

All the people I know with this condition are the most intelligent, educated, sane, practical and optimistic people I know. Anyone who is able to handle this condition and stay sane is extremely stress resilient. However, because of the nature of the condition, it is very difficult for us fight back. We do not have the money or the physical ability to fight back. We are busy looking for a place to live and sleep. We do not have a voice and people like Prof. Johansson are our voice and source of hope.

In his most recent book chapter, Prof. Johansson described the life of people with EHS as a ‘living hell’. He couldn’t have said it better. My life got ruined, and all I want is to have one night in which I can actually sleep. I dare not think about my future since obviously I do not have one. Can you imagine how it feels to be in the prime of your life, very educated and highly intelligent, with immense energy but being unable to work at all, probably for the rest of your life? Can you imagine the frustration? Can you imagine getting non-stop pulses and electric shocks in your brain and body? Can you imagine not even being able to go on the street or to a grocery store? Can you imagine not being able to go to a clinic or hospital or drive or fly? Can you imagine not sleeping for a year (in your car…)?

I do not have to imagine and my life is a living hell (though I do hide it very well), and with the increase in the use of cellular technology it seems that the worst is yet to come.

My story is not much different than the story of most people with EHS. Our ONLY hope is the work of people like Olle. Please, in my name, and in the name of those who wanted but could not write you a letter, please let Prof. Johansson continue his invaluable work.

Don’t take away the little we are left with, our hope!


  1. You are great Dafna. I hope you will be able to come back to a normal life. I also suffers by EHS, but only very very slightly.

  2. Good Luck Dafna you will get better! Olle is a great man, i had a chance to meet him a few years ago in Sweden. My Macbook and hub, kicked off my EHS in May 2008 I was a complete wreck, now i can work in wireless environment for periods, but I have a safe house to recover at night now. After moving out of the city. Im now much stronger.

    es-uk info

  3. Thank you so much for this letter. You are very right in this description of the status for people with EHS.

    The way society meet this problem seems very strange to me. The EHS are showing clearly that there is a big problem with micro wave radiation for living organism. Not to be willing to see this will mean in the long run the end of humanity!


  4. Dafna,as someone who is EHS and after five years is able to see the big picture, you have hit the nail on the head. Governments ARE terrified of the liability issue around cell phones, cell towers, Wi-Fi (especially in schools). If they issue a warning for one of these, they have to condemn the whole lot. So they say things like "there is no convincing evidence" or "the weight of evidence...". It's disgusting and shameful! Good on you for being so vocal! Those of us who are EHS have to deal with fatigue and running out of steam. Keep up the fight!

    Carl Katz
    Vancouver, Canada

  5. Dear Daphna,
    Sending out my concerted intention that our efforts to stop the EMR onslaught are heeded immediately. Thanks for your brave work!

  6. Dear Dafna,
    Your courageous letter is much appreciated. As a person with EHS, I know how you feel - I hadn't slept properly in 3 years and no doctor in the city where I live (Geneva, Switzerland) understands this condition. There are only 2 doctors in all of French-speaking Switzerland who maybe understand it. Courage!

    Towards Better Health

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  8. Fully stand behind you and your action Dafna!! Keep up the good work! Greetz Jeroen