Aug 21, 2012


 While we* are trying to focus on the issue of EHS and has made some progress, the idea of WIFI in schools was so unacceptable to us, that we gave this issue priority while continuing to work on the EHS topic. After months of correspondence with the Ministry which yielded some changes, but only in its written approach:
 (1) The interministerial committee on the issue of WIFI acknowledged EHS in its final report
 (2) Following the report the Ministry of Education instructed the schools that "Wired Internet should be used unless it is impossible to install it".

However the Ministry's actions are rather different than its words. In effect, this summer most schools in Israel installed WIFI for the new year, with the encouragement of the Ministry of Education which has been pushing WIFI and wireless technologies into schools. We joined in with a parents' association in Israel, and engaged an attorney. A letter was sent on August 15th and gave the Ministry 5 days to announce that it is banning WIFI in schools or we would petition the Supreme Court for an Injunction.

 On August 20, we received a response from the Ministry, defending their actions, quoting their order not to use WIFI unless the installation of wired internet is not possible.

Today, August 21, we responded to the Gov. letter, providing evidence that the government is misleading the public and that in effect the Ministry of Education is pushing WIFI into schools. We reinstated our warning, and informed the Ministry that unless an order that Bans WIFI will be issued by August 22nd, we will petition to the Supreme Court. Cross your fingers!

*We = I and amirb (amirb from

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