Jan 28, 2015

A Motion to Make the Court Hearing Accessible to Electro-Sensitive Was Submitted on 28/1/15

On January 28th, 2015, I submitted a Motion to the Israeli Supreme Court to accommodate my needs and the needs of the children who suffer from Electro-Sensitivity in the Hearing in the case to Ban Wi-Fi in Schools, scheduled for February 11th, 2015.

I argued that the accommodation is required by law, and is in accordance with the Act for Equal Right of People with Disabilities 1998 (the equivalent of the US American with Disabilities Rights Act).

In the motion I argued that I suffer from Electro-sensitivity and the radiation levels in the Court are such that interferes with my cognitive abilities. Under such levels, I would not be able to think and argue and therefore, would not be able to execute my legal and human rights.

I also informed the Court that reducing the radiation levels for the hearing is also necessary for the children who are suffering from Electro-sensitivity and whom condition is discussed in this case.

I argued that not to accommodate my needs and the needs of the children is equivalent to conducting a hearing regarding the rights of people who are using a wheelchair on the 4th floor of a building without an elevator before their rights were acknowledged. They may be able to access the hearing by cowling but will get to the hearing injured and their dignity harmed.



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