Apr 29, 2015

Israeli Supreme Court Rejected the Lawsuit to Ban Wi-Fi In Schools BUT RECOGNIZED Electrosensitivty

Today, April 29th, 2015, after 2 years and 9 months after the petition was submitted, the Israeli Supreme Court decided to reject our lawsuit to ban the use of Wi-Fi in schools. This is the bad news.
 It felt that the Court was desperate to reject the lawsuit and despite vast and unequivocal evidence that the Government is lying and misleading the Court, it's experts are providing conflicting statements etc, nevertheless, the Court ruled that it can intervene with Government action only when there is proof of extreme unreasonableness on the part of the Government. And since the government established "experts" committees to examine the issue, then the Court cannot rule that its actions are unreasonable.
The Good news is that when it came to Electrosensitivitythe Court stated that if the Government would not adhere to it's statement that the Ministry of Education will deal with every case of a child with EHS on an individual basis, then the Court wrote that "THE DOORS OF THIS COURT ARE OPEN". However, the court ignored the fact that the government has been ignoring these children in the past 3 years.
We shall definitely use these "Open Doors" to sue on behalf of the sick children.  
The decision is a sad decision. The Court itself provided problematic interpretation to the evidence, interpretation which was contrary to the evidence itself and which was aimed to serve its wish to dismiss the case.

When I took the case to Court, most attornies told me I have no chance and that the Court would not rule against the government, especially not the current court which is not what it used to be. I refused to believe and wanted to beilieve there is at least one place of justice that if a just case will be brought to it, it will listen. I was disillusioned.

In Hebrew I would say as to the Court's decision: "לית דין לית דיין". The translation in English: a situation in which there is no justice and no judge...
It's a sad day for the children of Israel and the world.
It's a sad day to me as an attorney and a person who seek justice to see what have become of the Israeli Supreme Court - an insinuation in which I used to be proud and now, it’s a weak institution which avoid the real issues and looks for the easy way out.  In a world where governments are corrupt, the Court should have been a place for the "small citizens" to get justice and enforce their rights. Unfortunately, it's no longer the case.  
I'm very proud of this case. In a just world and proper court we should have won. I feel we did all that is possible and conducted a perfect case. Really proud.
Despite losing the case, we have won in many ways. We have created much media buzz in Israel. And while when we started we were about 10 people fighting the wi-fi in schools in Israel, now we have thousands of people and we have a very supportive media. In terms of increasing awareness we have succeeded.
And we shall continue. As the Court wrote – "its doors are open for the electrosensitve children" – We will definitely go into these doors.
I'm very thankful to everyone who was involved with this case. First on the list is my father, Avraham Tachover. Who is my rock and help me in so many ways. I', the luckiest person to have such a father.
I'm also want to thank Amir Borenstein, www.norad4u.com, who was my partner in this case and for  the other attorney in the case, Michael Bach, for his tenacious work.  Also special thanks to Yael Levin, a mother, and a lioness!
I'm thankful for the brave children who are the victims of this corrupt government, policy and weak court. You should be very proud of yourself. You helped us bring change.
I'm also grateful for the parents, for the experts, for my friends and especially to Attorney Dan Yarkoni, Attorney Dani Alyagon, and Mor Sagmon. And I'm very grateful for the immense support from around the world.
Press here for Link to the decision

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