Mar 31, 2015

My Interview with "New York Magazine" - "What It’s Like to Be Allergic to Wi-Fi"

Finally the US printed media is talking about Electro-Sensitivity…On March 29th, 2015, my interview with New-York Magazine, titled "What It’s Like to Be Allergic to Wi-Fi", was published on its online edition. When I'm writing these lines, the story is already one of the most viewed stories and got over 900 shares…I guess that is an indication of the size of the problem of ES.

I was interviewed by journalist Alexa Tsoulis-Reay who I think did a very good job and I know put a lot of effort into this article.

I did not like the subtitle though: "woman who says she is" – I don't only say I am Electro-Sensitive, but I was diagnosed by 2 doctors who also examined me...and that it says" "many scientists say it does not exist" while omitting to say that (1) many scientists, countries and leading organizations say and PROVED it does exist and caused by radiation, and (2) the scientists who say it doesn't, mostly are those funded by the wireless industry or governments with agenda…I do hope this narrative in articles about the topic would change.

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